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High pressure valves

Our high pressure valves are used in hydraulics, pneumatics, oil and chemical industry, and all other applications requiring high quality, durable and precise equipment for fluid flow control and measurement.
These valves can be used on instalations under high pressure and temperature, with aggressive fluids, on sample cylinders, gauge instruments, various tanks and manifolds, etc. 

We manufacture valves from high grade AISI 316 (W. Nr. 1.440/Prokron 12), AISI 316 Ti (W. Nr. 1.4571/Prokron 12 special), and AISI 316 L (W. Nr. 1.4404/ACRONI 12 NC) steel, and on demand in various other stainless materials (brass, carbon steel...)
Our valve product line covers various application possibilities, resulting in a wide range of valve body options (Straight, angle or slanting) and connection types (F/M NPT pipe threads, packing ring for tubing connection, R/G threads, ISO threads, plastic tube connectors, etc.)

Standard IMG valves can operate in temperatures up to 230░C and pressures up to 420 bar, and special versions, withstanding temperatures up to 400░C and pressures up to 700 bar are available.

According to requirements, two spindle seal options are available: PTFE (TEFLON«) seals are used as standard, and special valve versions come with GRAFOIL« seals. Also, the spindle is manufactured in four different configgurations, according to demands on regulation precision, shutting speed and durability.
Ball valves are commonly used when valve position (on/off) has to be clearly visible. Their design allows quick opening and closing, as well as very high flow rates.

When ordering, make sure to state the Cat. number, body material and quantity. For GRAFOIL« seals, add -G to the catalogue number. If not stated otherwise, AISI 316 steel is used.

All of our products are delivered with appropriate certificates, with short delivery times. 12 month guaranty is offered, with service and spare parts made available during that period .

Various spindle versions can be seen here

ISO 9001:2000 1988-2008 IMG